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About Eugenia

The “Eugenia” agency was originally formed in 1997. Since that time we’ve passed the long way to become the competitive crewing agency on the Ukrainian labour market, gaining the experience, improving the service and enlarging our seamen’s database.

We, as being BVQI certified agency, always search for the ways of the quality standards embedding into our service. Registering a new seaman we apply a special kind of interview to investigate his professional skills, mentality, foreign crew compatibility and communication language level in order to provide high-quality selection of the future crewmembers. We also try to make qualitative our own work! For instance we use unique software developed by our IT department. This software automates all the database oriented tasks, documents preparation routines and some BVQI procedures.

At present time our agency can offer work for command and rating staff on bulk-carriers, reefers, container-carriers, tankers and offshore tugs

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