Euro Container Line (ECL)

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AddressBradbenken 1, P.O. Box 4145 Sandviken, N-5835 Bergen, Norway
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About Euro Container Line (ECL)

Euro Container Line (ECL) was established in the autumn of 1999 via a 50/50 joint venture with the Icelandic shipping company group Eimskip. In September 2008 Wilson acquired Eimskip’s share of the company and the company is now wholly-owned by Wilson ASA.

ECL provides marine transportation services for containers and operates a container line between Hamburg / Bremerhaven / Rotterdam and ports in West-/Mid Norway.

The company’s customers are the larger overseas container operators that use ECL’s services on shorter routes between Norway and the Continent as an independent feeder operator. Fish in reefers and industry cargo is transported southbound, while northbound is primarily industry cargo and miscellaneous dry containers.

Wilson has its main office in Bergen and agencies in Tananger, Duis­burg, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Reykjavik and Murmansk, as well as crewing offices in Arkhangelsk and Odessa. The Wilson Group has about 1 650 employees, of whom about 1 500 are mariners. The company has a large fleet where about 80% of the vessels are owned.

Safety of the crew, environment, cargo and vessel is always given the highest priority.

Highly qualified and dedicated people within our operations are of vital importance to Wilson’s ability to deliver quality in our services.

The main objective of the Wilson vessels is to transport cargo to our customers full satisfaction – without:

– any injury to personnel
– polluting the environment
– any damage to the cargo
– any damage to the vessel
– any third-party damage

To achieve this – the Wilson Group adheres to national and international rules and regulations in the operation of its services, and has established systems as well as inspection and approval procedures in order to quality assure its operations and to prevent undesired events.

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