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Address65014 Odessa, Ukraine Office 10-N, Sabansky lane, 3
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EUROCREW Manning Agency was established in 2003 in Odessa, Ukraine. It provides services related to all manning matters for merchant ships with Ukrainian and Russian seafarers. Our main activity is crew management for ships managed and /or owned by our clients.
The crew is the essence of all our activities and the asset of our vessels safe and smooth day-to-day operation. Good crew management is in our eyes one of the important factors maintaining and running the vessels we manage. We are fully aware that safeguarding these vessels we need to train and work together with our seamen.
We very pleased to inform that we took over the management of Chemikalien Seetransport GMBH another 3 ships ( mv KASUGTA, MV CHEMTRANS MABUHAY and MV REVEL). That means that our fleet is growing up and we ALWAYS need qualified, flexible and reliable personnel, who are looking for stable long terms cooperation and carrier development!

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Cruise / Deck officer...
Cruise / Ordinary seaman...
2nd engineer / 2nd officer / 3rd officer / Bulk carrier / Chief engineer / Chief officer...

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