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About Euronav

Since 1995, Euronav has been dedicated to the safe and reliable transport of crude oil worldwide. Over that period, the Company was able to innovate and continually adapt its strategy to the rapidly changing nature of the shipping markets and grew out to become the world’s largest, independent quoted crude tanker platform. Euronav shares are listed on Euronext Brussels (since 2004) as well as on the New York Stock Exchange (since 2015) under the ticker symbol ‘EURN’.


To continue to be recognized globally as a leader in the shipping of crude oil. We are and intend to remain dedicated to safety, quality, health and environmental protection. We intend to pursue excellence through innovation, know-how, and continual improvement.


For Our Society: To deliver an essential source of energy in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable now and in the future.

For Our Clients: To operate in a manner that contributes to the success of their business objectives by setting increasingly higher standards of quality and reliability.

For Our Shareholders: To create significant lasting value by strategically planning financial and investment decisions while operating in a manner consistent with the highest professional standards.

For Our Employees: To inspire and enable talented, hard-working people to achieve their career goals in a healthy, challenging and rewarding environment.

The safe, reliable and efficient shipping and storage of crude oil is of great importance to the world. With that in mind, Euronav positions itself as a leading provider of quality services thanks to its modern, double-hulled fleet combined with the professionalism of one of the most experienced crews worldwide.

Euronav’s fleet includes FSOs, a V-PLus, VLCCs and Suezmax vessels which are either employed on the spot market or on long-term time charter.

Euronav is a founding member of the Tankers International VLCC pool which operates the largest modern fleet of VLCCs available today. In June 2016 Euronav also founded Suezmax Chartering, a commercial joint venture with Diamond S Management LLC and Frontline Ltd. The aim of the joint venture is to create a single point of contact for cargo owners to access a large fleet of 43 modern Suezmax vessels, including newbuildings, operated on the spot market. Euronav vessels fly Belgian, Greek, French, Marshall Islands and Panamese flag.

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  1. Good day madam/sir, I’m an experienced 2nd officer mostly from crude oil tanker vessel. I also have a master’s licenced. If you have a vacant job opportunities, feel free to cantact me. Email add:, contact number: +639177311703. Thanks​

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