European Seaways Inc

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AddressMachis Analatou 111, Neos Kosmos 117 44 Athens, Greece
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About European Seaways Inc

European Seaways Inc. is a ship management company based in Athens – Greece and was founded in spring 1990.

In 1991 the company was operating two ferries, the European Glory, and the European Spirit. Both vessels were trading all year round between Italy-Greece.

In 1992 the company purchased another ferry, the European Star This vessel was time-chartered to foreign interests.

Meanwhile in 1994 the company had already purchased another ferry, the European Pride. Now with the expanded fleet the company had also expanded the horizons and was trading in several operations i.e. Italy – Greece, Italy – Turkey, Italy – Albania.

In 1995, the Company purchased another vessel (F/B Dignity) in an attempt to re-structure the existing fleet. In the same year the European Spirit was sold to foreign interests.

Following major upgrading repairs in order to comply with all existing and future announced regulations the MV Dignity was proudly placed in operation in 1996. At that time and following the sale of the European Glory the company was left with only two competitive vessels, the Dignity and the European Pride. The Dignity was time chartered to foreign interests, while the European Pride was operated in the Italy-Turkey trade.In 1998 the European Pride was sold to foreign interest, thus the company remained with one vessel the Dignity which was still under time-charter.

In 2001, the Dignity was renamed IONIS and under a new charter agreement she started trading from Bari (Italy) to Durres (Albania). Till today the vessel is still time-chartered and operates the same route on a yearly basis.

In the year 2007 the company purchased the F/B Apollon, a conventional ro-pax ferry which had operated in the Greek waters with great success for many years. The F/B Apollon traded during summer of 2007 and 2008 from Brindisi to Corfu-Igoumenitsa-Zante under the colours European Seaways. From November 2008, the F/B APOLLON commenced the trade between Bari – Durres and v.v. under the colours of European Seaways Inc. As of February 2009, F/B IONIS has also been employed in the Bari – Durres – Bari line under the management of European Seaways Inc.

In an attempt to meet growing demand in the service in October 2010 European Seaways employs F/B BRIDGE.

F/B BRIDGE can carry 70trucks or 400vehicles at a comfortable speed of 19knots.

Since 2011 Our Company has been  operating the Bari – Durres v.v line non-stop on an annual basis.

During Summer 2012 the Bari – Igoumenitsa – Corfu line was operated by F/B BRIDGE while the Bari – Durres line was operated only by F/B IONIS.

For 2013 the Company aims in further improving her market share in the Bari – Durres line while the Italy-Greece line will also be operated with one of our ferries during the summer months.

In 2014 European Seaways continued to operate in the Bari-Durres line, all year round with F/B Bridge.
Horizon was operated under certain Charters in Southern Italy but during the summer months the vessel was employed in the Bari-Corfu-Igoumenitsa and Bari – Sami – Zante trade.

For 2015 the Company has once again scheduled Bridge to remain in the Bari – Durres line with selected trips during August from Bari to Sami and Zante.
Horizon will be employed as of April 2015 in the Brindisi – Valona line.

2016 finds our Company with a new vessel under our management.

F/B Prince has been the new entry as of may 2016, Following an extensive refit in Piraeus during June 2016 the vessel entered her new line (Brindisi – Corfu – Igoumenitsa) as of July 2016. The plans of the Company is for this line to be operated on an annual basis.

F/B Bridge has begeun a new carrier operating from Ancona to Durres (under charter to an italian Company which continues throught 2016)

European Seaways Inc. is a company fully compliant with the requirements of the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code). Our Document of Compliance verifying the above is issued by the Polish Register of Shipping. Operation of our vessels takes place from our headquarters based in Athens – Greece.