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AddressDe Gerlachekaai 20 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
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About Exmar

By taking leadership through innovation, EXMAR has now transformed itself from a shipping company into an energy supply chain provider. It is now actively involved at the very heart of the global energy value chain. EXMAR has undergone the metamorphosis from being a transporter into being a transformer of energy.

This has been achieved by our people, who are constantly challenging convention and anticipating customer needs. EXMAR continues to demonstrate its ability to deliver innovations to the energy supply chain which improve efficiency, bring a healthy return on investment and which create new market opportunities for our customers and long-term partners.

EXMAR operates in a constantly changing world, with highly fluctuating energy prices, changing geopolitics, economic turmoil in many countries and international security threats on land and sea. It takes continuous improvement, creative thinking, being opportunistic at the right time and above all a strong belief in the future to stay on top of all this.

It has always been in EXMAR’s DNA to be the first mover to adapt to changing situations, and to determine its own course.

EXMAR is a diversified and independent shipping group serving the international gas and oil industry. Apart from providing the ships for the transportation of these products, it also performs studies and undertakes the management of commercial, technical and administrative activities for the industry.

EXMAR strives to create shareholder value over the long term by balancing long and short-term agreements to counteract volatility in the freight market, combined with providing services that are tailored to the needs of the customer.

EXMAR endeavours to support sustainable growth by attaching the greatest importance to the quality of its fleet, the safety of personnel and equipment and the protection of the environment.

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