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AddressNotenesgata 14 6002 Aalesund Norway
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About Farstad

Today we are among the six largest companies in the market for large and medium sized supply vessels (AHTS > 10,000 BHP and PSV > 2,000 DWT). In addition to this we own and operate 6 Subsea vessels.

Our activities are mainly concentrated on the markets in North-West Europe, Brazil and Asian Pacific. The company’s head office has always been in Ålesund. Operations offices have been established in Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Macaé and Rio de Janeiro by a total of 2 100 employees onshore and offshore. Farstad Shipping has a fleet of 61 vessels and 1 newbuilds.

Farstad Shipping has a strong focus on health, safety, environment and quality throughout the company’s entire range of activities. This is fundamental to maintaining and strengthening our competitive position.

The company is well equipped for further growth due to a strong financial position and broad international competence. Farstad Shipping ASA is a public limited company organised according to Norwegian legislation.

Farstad Shipping has been listed on Oslo Stock Exchange since 1988 and has over the years given the shareholders a competitive return on their investment. The number of outstanding shares is 39 million out of which approximately 46% is owned by the Farstad family.
We intend to develop the company further by abiding our Values so that we can maintain a leading, competitive position in those markets in which we are present.

In order to reach our goal to be a leading supply vessel company, we depend on having competent and knowledgeable people to run our business safely and efficiently. A modern and competitive fleet is a prerequisite for this.

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