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AddressFeederlines B.V. Eenrumermaar 2 The Netherlands
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About Feederlines

Feederlines BV was founded as part of the Hartmann Group in 1995. From the beginning, Feederlines BV aimed at the ever expanding Short Sea sector. The company owns dry cargo vessels from 2,500 up to 9,000 DWT and container feeder vessels from 290 TEU up to 750 TEU. These vessels were built in the Netherlands, China, Rumania and Bulgaria. The Group’s take over of the chartering organisation MTL in Duisburg in 1998 has given the shipping company a further lift. A strong position was built with the transport of forest products. Furthermore, regular services are provided for a large number of operators. The organisation is characterised by a strong communication network, which makes it possible to respond fast and adequately to the needs of charterers and operators.

The shipping company’s success can undoubtedly be attributed to the choice for employing well-trained staff, both in the office as well as on the vessels and the substantial automation of the many processes that play a part in transport. Apart from owning a 37-vessel fleet, Feederlines has recently ordered newbuildings to meet current demands.

Because of our continuous efforts to improve the quality of our activities in all aspects we achieved the certification against the ISO 9001:2008 standard on May, 7th 2014. Our company is also certified for ISM / ISPS till May, 20th 2019. Our goals for improvement will not end after receiving the ISO 9001:2008 certification. It is an ongoing process to be and stay a high performance company, which we take very serious.

Most vessels are financed through a CV-construction, involving a large number (4,100) of private investors. The high demands of supplying information and giving participants insight into the many aspects of transport have led to a unique and professional way of dealing with this important group of people.

By making these well-considered choices, the shipping company has established a good name for itself in this branch of trade and has undoubtedly earned its place in the short sea sector. Truly something to be proud of!

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