Fescontract-International (FI)

Feb 21, 2016 | | Say something
Address2 Petra Velikogo Str., Vladivostok 690091, Russia
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About Fescontract-International (FI)

Crewing agency “Fescontract-International” (FI) was created on October, 21st, in 1991 turning into practice the concept of qualified Far-East seafarers who lost their job due to economic reforms. Being engaged in selection, training, management and crewing, sensitively reacting to requirements of the market, FI for 18 years of successful work on local and international market, became one of the crewing leaders in Russian Federation.

As one of the biggest crewing agencies in Russian Federation, we actively seize opportunities that contribute to economic growth of our country and development by meeting better quality of our seafarers in 21 century.

We will promote and protect our business environment by maintaining strict, safe operation, ensure safety at sea, and prevent human injury or loss of life.

We will strive to maximize corporate value by being creative, responsible, optimistic, continuously pursuing higher operating efficiency and promoting a visible and open management style that is guided by the highest ethical and social standards

We suppose that a connection exists between high-quality corporate governance, sustainable business performance and the highest ethical standards. We foster a culture that values and rewards exemplary ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity, and respect for others.

We provide only high quality services, professionally, effectively, and safely cooperating with clients. Flexibility is our main principle which always fits growing market demand.

Careers & Jobs

Bulk carrier / Cargo ship / Chief engineer / Container vessel / Deck officer...

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