Flair Shipping Trading FZE

Oct 9, 2015 | | Say something
AddressFortune Tower, Suite 1604 Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai, UAE
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About Flair Shipping Trading FZE

Flair Ship Management DMCC is an independent ship management company offering a complete range of high quality marine services such as ship management of various types of vessels including oil tankers and bulk carriers.
Our team brings a wealth of experience within the ship management industry in areas such as maintenance, operations, crewing and trading by implementing all requirements set by existing Codes and Regulations.
Flair Ship Management DMCC has recognized and determined that safety of life at sea, prevention of human injury, avoidance of damage property and protection of marine environment and surrounding atmosphere is of outmost importance. To achieve this objective all the personnel ashore and on board ships is dutifully committed to the above cause.

Dynamic planning, acting, evaluating, revising
Proactive day to day management
Continuous upgrading in safety, occupational health and environmental protection
The management headquarters are located in JLT, Dubai, U.A.E

Flair Group, founded in 2012, vision is to be the leading provider of quality ship management services to the marine industry.
Moving forward we want to maintain the high quality of our services provided while putting all effort so as to achieve further improvement. The company’s personnel professional skills cover every aspect for the shipping industry first class Masters and Chief Engineers with long sea-going experience.
In order to be a leading ship management provider we have managed to establish a culture within our company that includes the following values:
Employees on board and ashore are motivated and trained to be committed to company’s objectives and policies.
Proper environment work place is provided to employees ashore and on board to operate with pleasure and safety.
Employees are trained to catch up with the changing standards of the industry.
Continuous motivation through day to day management and repeated training are provided to ensure our employees, are committed and competent in performing their duty safely, efficiently and environment friendly.

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