Fonnes Shipping AS

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AddressP.O. Box 3, 5953 Fonnes Norway
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About Fonnes Shipping AS

Fonnes Shipping AS was established in 1997, by the brothers Roy and Hans Petter Fonnes, and bought their first vessel that year.

Roy and Hans Petter Fonnes have both a maritime background as Captains, and both are alternating sailing as Captain on board the vessels, and taking care of the vessels management and operation in the office.

Our office is situated in Fonnes, Austrheim community, ca 60 kilometers north of Bergen.

For many years, Fonnes have been and still are a place with rich traditions in shipping.

The objectives for Fonnes Shipping AS, is to have a young and modern fleet and well maintained vessels.

Our vessels are manned by highly motivated and enthusiastic crew, Norwegian Captain`s and Filipino crew, that have been working with us for several years.

This means that we can offer our customers always a young and well maintained vessels at all times, with an high performance and the right knowledge on board the vessels and from ashore.

Our vessels are mostly operating on the Norwegian Coast/ North Sea/Mediterranean trade, and all our Captain`s have the pilot exemption certificate for all of the Norwegian coast, which ensure a much better safety for the vessel, the crew and the cargo.

Fonnes Shipping AS, with our our modern vessels and enthusiastic crew, can guarantee our customers a great performance and the best care of all your cargo`s.

Fonnes Shipping AS have a very close cooperation with Wagenborg Shipping BV, in Delfzijl, Netherlands, who are doing the chartering of our vessels.