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About Freja Indonesia

A starting as a maritime services company specializing in the recruitment of Indonesian officers and ratings for international and local shipping companies in 2008, Freja has since evolved our services which now touch on the areas of Maritime and Offshore Crewing Support Services, Business Support and Communication Services.
As a crewing services provider recruiting is part of our service, but we have been in the crewing industry long enough to know that our job doesn’t stop when a candidate has been identified. In this day and age most companies are capable of identifying their own candidates. For professional world class companies in the shipping industry much of the work commences when a candidate has been identified. Background checks must be completed with local police and authorities. Documentation must be checked and updated. documents must be copied, signed and checked. Visas need to be obtained. Throughout the time all of this takes it is important to have someone on the ground who can face the candidate and explain processes and requirements in his or her own language. In short we are specializing in covering your local needs on the ground in Indonesia. These may vary from client to client, but often include some of the following:

Crew Recruiting
Sourcing Indonesian candidates.

Crew Departure Services
Pre-departure paperwork, visas and other practical arrangements on the ground as well as a follow up and regular communication with the crew in order to make sure the crew is ready, on schedule, and actually boards the plane.

Safety Gear Supply
Ever got the sizes wrong? We can get your crew local safety equipment that they can try on, which means that your crew can arrive on board fully equipped and ready to work.

Crew Management
For some of our clients we take on the responsibility as crew manager for vessels operating under Indonesian flag. We handle crew rotation, crew health and accident emergencies, crew payroll, safety equipment, travel, documentation and other relevant crewing related matters in close cooperation with the ship manager and the company’s locally appointed ship agency.

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