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AddressVia R. Elena, 24 74123 - Taranto - Italy
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GM Shipping Group was founded by Past Capt Cosimo GUIDA, whose name and reputation is still well known in the International Shipping Industry. Our history grips its roots deep into the ground of Shipping world, the step of a long career from rustbuckets in the early 60’s to the full acknowledgement of rules, procedures and regulations governing the modern Shipping Business.

Presently, the Shipping universe is an everlasting roller-coaster, a never-stopping kaleidoscope of rules, regulations, updates, new opportunities and forthcoming dangerous scenarios.
GM Trading & Chartering


GM Shipping promotes the safety, the security, the environmental protection and adequate training to guarantee a quick response and efficient solutions to any kind of need. Our target is to ensure safety of life at sea, prevention of human injury and loss of life and avoidance of damages to environment, in particular, the marine environments and to properties. We develop, implement and maintain acceptable standards of safety and environmental protection, always in compliance with applicable rules & regulations, in parallel with the Good Marine Practice.
Our policy, concerning the safety and the quality of the offered services, is based on our permanent pursuit for constant satisfaction of our customer, and implementation, maintenance, monitor and continuous improvement of the Safety Management System. Our Company provides for safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment establishes safeguards against all identified risks and continuously improves safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection All qualified personnel of the Company, ashore and on board, are strictly required to adhere and maintain this policy by fully complying with all requirements as prescribed by relevant Rules and Regulations.

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