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AddressBryggegata 9 (Aker Brygge) 0250 Oslo, Norway
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About Gram Car Carriers

Gram Car Carriers is a substantial tonnage supplier to the world’s major operators of sea-borne vehicle transportation. We provide our customers with modern fuel efficient vessels which incorporate the latest design details allowing maximized cargo carrying capability. Gram Car Carriers AS (GCC) is responsible for the commercial management of the vessels, which are owned by Gram Car Carriers Pte Ltd.

Gram Car Carriers AS in Norway is headed by Karl A. Terjesen, who has 30 years experience in international car trade, of which his last position was as Executive Vice President of Hoegh Autoliners AS (formerly HUAL AS).

Gram Car Carriers A/S are the commercial managers of PCTC vessels which are time chartered to the main operators in the car carrier business. We provide a very modern, reliable and efficient fleet, with various vessels sizes to suit all aspects of the trade.

Highly advanced feeder vessels
The feeder PCTC’s were built at the Kyokuyo Shipyard in Shimonoseki, Japan and were delivered during 2009 and 2010. They are primarily designed for operating in European waters. At present they are operating in Europe and Caribbean. The vessels are managed by OSM Ship Management from their Singapore office, carrying Singapore Flag. The vessels have a LOA = 139.99m and Beam = 22.40m and incorporate twin medium speed engines with CPP, Gyrofin Stabilizers and prototype electrically operated cargo handling equipment with one hoistable deck to allow high and heavy cargo on the main deck. The vessels have full internet connection which is designed for both official company and charterer use and extends to a domestic system allowing internet access in every crew cabin for 24/7 communication to home and family.

Six medium size vessels
A total of 6 sister vessels built at Nantong Mingde Heavy Industries in China were delivered between 2010-2012. The vessels are designed for worldwide trading and are being managed by OSM Ship Management, Singapore.
The vessels have a LOA = 167.25m, Beam = 27.99m and have cargo carrying capacity of 34.702m². They incorporate the latest technical equipment which includes the HHI built MAN B&W MC-E main engine and are built to hinge design principle incorporating single pillar support in the car decks thereby allowing maximized cargo carrying capability. The vessels meet the new damage stability requirements and have ‘Clean’ Notation.

Big size newbuilding program
GCC are involved in a new building program that was initiated in 2013 and consists of a series of 6,700 unit PCTCs. The vessels are being built in Nanjing, China at the state-owned shipyard CSC Jinling. Delivery of the first two will be during the first half of 2015. The vessels will be constructed to a revised specification of the standard ‘big size’ 6,500 units PCTC designed for long haul transportation and will incorporate the latest fuel efficiency features.

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