Grieg Star

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AddressP.O.B. 1088 Sentrum, NO-5809 Bergen, NORWAY
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About Grieg Star

Grieg Star is part of the privately owned Grieg Group, established in 1884, and is a fully integrated shipping company. Grieg Star operates a fleet of 42 vessels transporting parcel cargo, break bulk and dry bulk cargo. Of these 32 vessels belong to our open hatch fleet. In addition, the company operates a fleet of 10 dry bulk Supramax carriers. We transport approx. 13 million tons of cargo annually, of which 60% parcel and break bulk cargo and 40% dry bulk cargo.

The group employs approx. 1 100 persons from about 15 nationalities, of which 250 are shore-based and 850 at sea.

Operating worldwide, we have offices in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America. Grieg Star headquarters are located in Bergen and Oslo, Norway.

Our branch offices outside Norway are staffed with experienced commercial and operational people who deal directly with customers and with the stowage, loading and discharging of the ships in direct contact with local stevedores, agents and vendors.

Grieg Star recruits seafarers exclusively from the Philippines through our manning office Grieg Philippines, located in Manila.

Grieg Star also own Squamish Terminals in British Columbia, Canada.

Since our beginning in 1961 we took part in the fast-growing worldwide trade in wood pulp and paper. These commodities originally accounted for most of our business. However, as the benefits of our specialised ships became evident, other industries have also come to prefer our service.

As part of the Grieg Group we share common values and a commitment to corporate responsibility, ethical business conduct and the environment.

Grieg Star’s specialised ships are built to meet our customers’ high quality requirements and to deliver superior cargo care. Highly qualified seafarers, trained for our operations, man the ships. A high return rate among the crew is emphasised to ensure familiarity with the ships and operational requirements.

Grieg Star focuses on long-term competence development both onboard and ashore. In-house ship management ensures safe and efficient operation. Safety and security of employees, the environment, cargoes and ships have the highest priority.

Grieg Star – a solid and dynamic partner!

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