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AddressHermann-Hollerith-Straße, 28355 Bremen, Germany
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About Harren & Partner

Entrenched in the shipping business since 1989, our fleet consists of more than 50 own and thirdparty vessels, comprising tankers, container feeders and heavy lift vessels, bulk carriers, dock ships and offshore vessels. With our specialised teams for the different segments and with a strong seafaring DNA embedded in our business culture, we carry out Ship Management activities for our clients with the same level of prudence, judgment and care as for our own vessels.

The Harren & Partner group acts globally with ship management offices in Bremen, Singapore and Ciudad del Carmen as well as liaison offices in Kingston, Istanbul, Riga and Lima. With Caribbean Feeder Services (www.caribbeanfeeder.com) the group comprises the largest independent container feeder operator serving the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela. Heavy Lift and project cargo specialists Combi Lift (www.combi-lift.net) and H&P Logistics and Engineering stand for the groups’ expertise providing smart engineering solutions in international projects. Furthermore, CONDOCK Befrachtungs Gesellschaft (www.condock.de) provides expertise for the world-wide shipment and transportation of floating units as well as oversized and heavy ro-ro cargoes.

Through the purchase cooperative trans-Mar-supply (www.trans-mar-supply.com), savings in equipment from expensive machinery parts and luboil to simple galley supplies and bathroom tissue are directly handed over to the individual ship. Maximum transparency is the basis for the joint purchasing for more than 200 ships from different owners.

With a diversified fleet, a broad range of services and long-term alliances with established partners, the owner operated Harren & Partner group strives for sustainable and organic growth in today’s fluctuating shipping markets.

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