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About Havila

A story of seamanship, entrepreneurship, some difficult days, many good days. Growth and progress. 15 years and a small boat; today a modern offshore company. Today Havila Shipping is a leading supplier of quality assured supply services to the international offshore industry. Havila Shipping operates 27 vessels within subsea construction, anchor handling, platform supply and multi-field rescue recovery services. Achieved through a focus on solid earnings, safe operations and human resources. Headquartered in Fosnavåg, Norway, and with offices in Brazil and Asia, the company can draw on more than 30 years experience in offshore supply through its main shareholder Havila AS. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

The Havila Shipping ASA owns and operates Offshore Support Vessels, and Management policy reflects a combination of experience and good marine practice whilst utilising modern technology. By the continuous search for optimum solutions, the Company aims to secure and improve its market place position, while providing a cost effective, safe and healthy working environment for its own and client employees.

By constant review of in-house operations, and ongoing comparison with its competitors and other similar operations, the Company will seek to identify and implement “Best Practice” in everything it does.

The Company Policy, and effective use of the Company’s “Total Management System” (TMS) manuals shall be adopted by all employees at all times within Havila Shipping ASA. The TMS system is integral to the ISM Code, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and represents the Company’s internal control documents, which in turn defines the conditions for effective use of the Total Management System.

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