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AddressCrimea, 299014, Sevastopol, Boris Mikhailov Str., 7-b
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About ICG Ltd

« ICG Ltd» is a Crew Manning & Crew Management Company occupies one of leading positions in sphere of selection and recruiting seafarers, working in the market since 2001 and carrying out orders of our constant partners, for any classes of ship.
We are proud to have a pool of highly qualified personnel, who are able to perform a wide range of services in the manning field as follows:
• Controlling and checking up professional knowledge and skills,
• Organizing specialized training courses and seminars,
• Controlling and checking up availability and authenticity of required documents in accordance with STCW 78/95 regulations,
• Controlling and checking up the command of English,
• Supply in providing of medical examination.
To achieve the best results in our work, the personnel of our agency regularly attend various types of trainings, thematic courses and receive appropriate certificates on completing them.
In view of that, we very well realize that safe operation of the vessel, safety of the crew and cargo depend on professional skills of the crew, special attention paid to testing the knowledge of safety regulations and rules by our seafarers.
International Crewing Group is a Crew Manning & Crew Management Company specialized in providing Crew related services to Shipowners and Shipmanagers. Over the period of 12 years that our Office is active in Crew Manning & Management, we have provided Crew Management solutions and services to Shipowners and Shipmanagers owning/managing of any size & type of vessels.
We are working in synergy with the shipowners and shipmanagers order establish a close relationship that is to the benefit of our clients and their vessels’ smooth sailings..

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