Insider Crew Management

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Address11, Gagarina ave., office 1, Odessa, 65044, Ukraine
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About Insider Crew Management

Crew management company Insider Crew Management was established in 2002 at port of Odessa, Ukraine. Our crew license has been renewed in the end of the 2014 by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine.We work with German, Greek and Singapore companies, but we are always willing to grow establishing stable and serious partnership with the new companies. If your company is interested to cooperate with us, please send your e-mail, fax, sms or call (skype) us right now.

Locating in Ukraine, we choose the best crew for your company from 360,000 seamen registered here. Working in shipping business more then for 15 years we know for sure that crew is one of most important component in stable and profitable work of your fleet at sea and during port operation. Having good experience in full crew management we do our best to satisfy all crew requirements of shipowners.

Careers & Jobs

Chemical tanker / Chief engineer / Oil tanker...
Chemical tanker / Chief officer / Tanker...
Able seaman / RO RO ship...
Chemical tanker / Fitter / Oil tanker...
Electrician / Tanker...