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About Interbroker

Odessa Maritime Agency “Interbroker” operates in the field of crew management since its establishment in 1990 and has proved itself as an important and reliable provider in this sector. Interbroker provides its services to large multinationals as well as medium-sized companies. Our clients are located mostly in Europe but also in other countries.

Since the beginning we had plenty of experience in selection of crews for various vessels including multipurpose dry cargo vessels, bulk carriers, container vessels, reefers, barge carriers, oil/product/chemical tankers, LPG/LNG tankers, AHTS vessels, cable layers, offshore installations. We are experienced in selection of seamen for particular positions in multinational crews as well as of full Ukrainian crews. Whenever it’s necessary we provide our clients with repair squads.

The crew which Interbroker supplies consists of our own pool which is selected via a careful procedure in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 Standard. All newcomers are subject to SETS (Seafarers Evaluation and Training System) computer test which evaluates their professional competence and a command of English. All our seafarers are certified in accordance with STCW Convention 1978, as amended in 1995 as well as other national and international regulations in force.

With a number of our clients we implement cadet programs which are extremely useful in having a proper, young, motivated and experienced personnel in future. The cadets are mainly selected from the Odessa National Maritime Academy – the leading maritime educational institution in Ukraine. A large proportion of our seafarers work with us for over 10 years. Quite a number of them joined us as cadets or junior officers and work as masters and chief engineers now.

Selection of an appropriate crew isn’t the only job we do. Interbroker also provides the following: arranging for renewal of seafarers’ documentation and additional training, arranging for seafarers’ medical examinations and vaccinations, working gear and uniform supply, preparing applications and supporting documentation for flag state documents, drawing up contracts of employment and crew lists, obtaining visas, booking international and domestic air tickets, arranging for overland transport.