Investment Group Denmark A/S

Nov 5, 2015 | | Say something
AddressP.O. Box 19, DK-2900 Hellerup, DENMARK
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About Investment Group Denmark A/S

Investment Group Denmark A/S, the Group’s parent company, was incorporated in 1989 as a limited liability company (“A/S”) under Danish law. In 2008, Investment Group Denmark A/S has an equity capital of DKK 325,000,000.

Investment Group Denmark A/S is rated AAA by Dun & Bradstreet Denmark.

Investment Group Denmark A/S’s objective is to provide a wide range of investment, fiduciary and corporate services to the shipping sector and to provide attractive investment opportunities for corporations and private individuals.

Investment Group Denmark A/S’s activities are conducted through a range of specialised subsidiaries.
Since its incorporation, Investment Group Denmark A/S has established investments with a total value of more than DKK 14 billion.

ID Shipping is the ship investment company in our group
and owns major shares in Panamax Handymax and Handysize bulkcarriers as well as
smaller log-bulkers/tween deckers.
As a rule, ID Shipping A/S has a 20% share in each of the ships it invest in.
We structure investments in ocean going vessels and offer attractive investment
opportunities for small groups of individuals and corporate investors.
We benefit from relationships with shipping experts world-wide and have long term
partnerships with highly reputable ship managers, charterers and brokers.

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