Island Offshore

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About Island Offshore

Island Offshore has a distinct objective to maintain and operate its fleet in accordance with national and international laws and regulations, in particular with respect to Health, Safety and Environmental issues. All employees shall be highly qualified and perform with the highest working standards and professionalism in all areas.

The Island Offshore Group is privately owned and comprises a group of ship owning and management companies.

The Island Offshore Group is currently operating a fleet of 28 vessels ranging from Platform Supply vessels, Anchor Handling Vessels, Subsea Construction Vessels to Light Well Intervention Vessels. In addition, the Group has six vessels under construction.

Island Offshore Management AS was established in 2004 and has developed management systems in compliance with the guidelines from Det Norske Veritas and is certified by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate according to the ISM-code. The company is furthermore certified according to ISO 9001 quality standard and the ISO 14001 environmental standard. The company is currently holding a SUT from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate for 3 Light Well Intervention Vessel and also a UK Safety Case for 1 Light Well Intervention Vessel.

Island Offshore Sub Sea AS (IOSS) was established in 2005 and is the Technology and Engineering Company within the Group. The company is owned by Island Offshore Management AS, and specializes in developing and implementing customized engineering solutions for Light Well Intervention and other subsea well operations. The company employs about 50 highly skilled offshore superintendents/supervisors, some with more than 20 years experience from drilling, completions and coil tubing. IOSS has been involved in various technology programs to further develop the well intervention concept to increase oil recovery from subsea wells.

Since 2004 to present, Island Offshore in partnership with FMC and Aker Solutions has become the leading supplier of Light Well Intervention services in the world and is providing services to Statoil, BP, Shell and other leading oil companies.

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