JMB Bjerrum & Jensen ApS

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AddressP.O. Box 190, DK-5700 Svendborg, DENMARK
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About JMB Bjerrum & Jensen ApS

1/11-79: Bjerrum & Jensen ApS was founded by Mr. Gert Bjerrum (retired 2002) & Mr. Verner Jensen (retired 1986).

Today the company is managed by the equal partners:

Niels Moritzen, employed 1980, partner since 1987.

Michael Bisbo, employed 1990, partner since 1994

– Chartering management of coasters in the size of 230 upto 3250 dwcc.

– Chartering / administration of tugboats 200-1000 HP / 3-19 mt B/P.

– Portagency and stevedoring at Svendborg, Rudkøbing, Faaborg and Nyborg.

– Administration of companies with vessels within dredging and/or deliveries of sand / gravel.

– Accounting for companies within the Shippingindustry and for the JMB group of companies.

– ISM/ISPS management for various ships (PSV, Dredger, SSV and GenCgo coasters).

– Technical and crewing assistance.

Team JMB consists of a technical consultant and 7 talented, engaged and flexible employees, all of whom are ready, either individually or as a team to provide solutions at their utmost to suit the demands of the lively shipping-industry.