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We are one of the reputed and trusted ship management companies globally. We are registered and licensed with ministry of shipping (Govt of India). JOIN HANDS MARINE has a global network reporter with detailed knowledge of key sectors. JOIN HANDS MARINE has reporting an expert in all sectors of shipping industry includes technology, ship management operation and ship repairs. The staffs of JOIN HANDS MARINE are highly skilled and have well experienced and good operation knowledge. Our service is of course 24X7. When you have required our services, we feel too proud to assist you.

Join Hands Marine Services Pvt Ltd believes and follows the precepts of Total Quality Management as set forth in ISO 9001:2008, with Indian Registry of Shipping ISO 14001 and the International Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code). Accident prevention and continuous operational improvement are fundamental elements in achieving our goal of excellence in ship management, marine related services, and corporate operations.

Join hands marine services has developed and implemented a total quality management system to ensure that all operations, both ashore and afloat, are planned, organized, executed and verified in accordance with the highest levels of professionalism, all applicable regulatory requirements, the ISO Quality and Environmental Management Standards, and within the guidelines set forth in the ISM Code. The objectives of Join Hands Marine Services management system are set forth as follows: It is the Company’s policy to maintain an electronic communications network covering all aspects of the Services provided that links all offices and the ships being operated. While standard formats are used, the facility exists to adjust the format to suit the specific requirements of an individual contract.

The Company appreciates and emphasizes to staff that the use of standard formats is a means of ensuring that quality standards are maintained to a consistent level thus meeting the needs and expectations of customers. The aim of standardization is not to remove flexibility, which is certainly a requirement in our industry, but to provide a medium of documentation and communication relevant to the business in general and to a specific contract in particular. This ensures that the work undertaken can be monitored and audited in order to confirm compliance with the contract and the ISO standard. The Company is aware of its responsibility to provide resources for the control of the Quality Management System including, where appropriate, competence, technology and finance. Maximum effort is directed towards providing satisfactory services whilst ensuring that any problems that do arise are resolved in an expedient and professional manner.

The Company’s Quality Management System policy, procedures and where appropriate instructions, are documented, controlled, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees of the Company.

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