Kaalbye Shipping International Ltd

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Address10, Bunina St., Odessa, 65026, Ukraine
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About Kaalbye Shipping International Ltd

The company conducts commercial, chartering and technical management of cargo vessel fleet.

Kaalbye Shipping International Ltd. ,officially registered in the British Virgin Isles, is a ship management company that through the years has developed into an experienced prominent ship management group.

In May 1998, Kaalbye Shipping International Ltd. obtained a Safety Management Certificate for the operation of Passenger Vessels in compliance with requirements of the International Safety Management Code.
The company provided management services to the passenger vessels for a few years.
In September 1999, Kaalbye Shipping International Ltd., four years ahead of schedule, has been certified as fully compliant with requirements of the International Safety anagements Code with regard to the operation of dry cargo vessels.

The company pay paticulary attention to the environmental protection .Vessels under company’s management transported cargo in USA ports where the stricted requirements concerning the environmental protection are in force. “Kaalbye Shipping” obtained the certificate which recognizes the company for meeting the eligibility requirments of the US Coast Guard’s quality shipping in the Twenty First Century program.

Since then, the company annually reconfirms its compliance with high standards of the safe operation of the fleet, which significantly contributes to the enhancement of the company’s reputation in the shipping market. The company has achieved worldwide recognition due to its impeccable operation in the international scene, and is a member of BIMCO now. Every year the commercial and technical management of about 12-15 general cargo and bulk cargo vessels with 14 000 – 51 000 dwt is carried our by highly skilled specialists. The annual volume of transported cargoes has steadily increased recently. A booked cargo portfolio for the years indicates good prospects for future development.

Kaalbye Shipping International ltd. functions furthermore as an active shipbroker for various types of vessels and dry cargoes of different nomenclature.
The company acts as an exclusive manager for a group of vessels, particulars of which are specified below.
All the services provided by the Kaalbye Shipping International ltd to shipowners include all aspects of the fleet management. The chatterers are provided with brokering services, bunkering, forwarding, all types of survey and others.
Constructive features of the vessels under the company’s management allow to transport a majority of hazardous cargoes, including 1-class IMO cargoes, as well as bulk and heavy cargoes. The company’s chartering department annually concludes more than 100 deals for cargoes transportation for the company’s vessels as well as for the client’s vessels.
The company has extensive experience in organization of transportation of cargoes of wide range,including metal production, fertilizers, cotton, paper and agricultural products. The Kaalbye Shipping International company proclaims its adherence , and gives priority, to ensuring of safe and ecological safety of vessels .Coastal divisions have been staffed with a professional and highly qualified personnel.