Lorentzens Skibs

Feb 6, 2016 | | Say something
AddressP.O.Box 1275 Vika, NO-0111 Oslo, NORWAY
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About Lorentzens Skibs

Lorentzens Skibs is a family owned shipping and investment company with a history that traces back to 1826, when Jørgen Lorentzen became owner of his first ship. Shipping has been the backbone of Lorentzen’s activities ever since, comprising ownership, chartering, newbuildings, operation and even brokering.

Lorentzen has been involved in a variety of segments in the shipping industry, from tanker and bulk carriers, to rigs, heavy lift, gas carriers, reefer-vessels and car carriers. The offshore investments wer made in Rosshavet, which was one of the pioneers among the suppliers to the early oil exploration in the North Sea, and they later merged their offshore activities with Transocean.

In addition to it’s shipping activities, Lorentzen holds a diversified investment portfolio and is engaged in tourism through it’s activities at Geilo.

Lorentzens Skibs’ shipping investmens is divided between syndicated financial projects, ownership in operational shipowning companies and our own operation of pallet carriers.

Lorentzen has since 2002 acted as managing owner for more than 50 ships in over 30 shipping projects, and has also been part owner of the same projects. Typical lifespan for these projects is between 3 and 10 years, and normally the ships will be on a corresponding bare-boat contract or on a timecharter with the technical mangement outsourced.

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