LSC Shipmanagement

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Address1, Elizabetes str., Riga, Latvia
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About LSC Shipmanagement

Latvian Shipping Company (LSC) is a joint stock company listed on the NASDAQ OMX Riga and is primarily engaged in the transportation of oil products, chemicals and crude oil utilizing its handy size and medium range tanker fleet. The Company is proud of its professional and well-trained Latvian officers, crew and shore based staff in Riga. The LSC fleet trades worldwide ranging from the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe to the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean region as well as the far and Middle East. Additionally the tankers within the LSC fleet are specifically designed for trading in ice conditions giving its customers even greater trading flexibility during harsh winter periods.

It is our vision to continue to strengthen our reputation as a reliable and professional shipping company and continue to provide our valued customers with a highly qualified shipping service focused on their specific needs. In order to achieve our objectives we will continue to ensure that we proactively encourage our highly motivated, professional and dedicated Latvian workforce to share our vision.
The mission of Latvian Shipping Company is to service its customers with a modern tanker fleet run by a team of professional Latvian officers, crew and shore based staff that guarantees a highly professional service always in compliance with international safety standards. We endeavor to ensure that the cargo is always transported safely in accordance with strict environmental standards and punctually in accordance with customer requirements. A key element in the success LSC is the professionalism of its “in-house” ship-management company which is a fully owned subsidiary of LSC.

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