Marine Job Services (MJS)

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Address18 Segedskaya str., 3-rd floor, office 321, Odessa, Ukraine
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About Marine Job Services (MJS)

Marine Job Services (MJS) is authorized professional dynamic growing crewing agency located in Odessa, Ukraine, provides Principals with well-educated and competent seamen from a single seafarer to a complete crew. Recruiting the personnel is done in accordance with the Quality Management System, following the recruitment, evaluation, selection and placing standards towards the external employers but respecting, in the same time the national and international regulations in this field. The applicants are interviewed face to face being especially emphasized the way their former jobs on board of different ships unrolled, different technical problems they met or any other kind of problems they had and how did they solved it. After these interviews we ask for references from the Agency which posted them before, from the authorities they are conspicuous with and which issues licenses for personnel. The last check up is through out a telephone conversation with the last filler-out they worked for. In this way we are able to have a complete imagine on the applicant based on which we do our evaluation. This evaluation is sent to the potential employer. Before he makes the final decision, the potential employer can arrange a telephone or video conversation with the applicant. MJS provides the following service: -arrange renewal of seafarers’ documentation and additional training; -arrange medical examination including drug/alcohol/blade test and vaccination, provided by the duly licensed Ukrainian Marine Medical centre; -supply with the working clothes and uniform with Principal’s logo; -arrange flag state applications; -obtaining visas; -booking international and domestic air tickets. We successfully cooperate with shipping companies for employment of Ukrainian seamen for their vessels and guarantee immediate response to the Principal, dynamic approach to any problem and quick mobilization of required persons. We are in constant process of searching good partners.

Careers & Jobs

Deck officer / Offshore...
Chemical tanker / Deck officer / Oil tanker...
Chemical tanker / Chief engineer / Chief officer / ETO / Oil tanker...
Chemical tanker / Deck officer / Oil tanker...
Chemical tanker / Chief engineer / Oil tanker...

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