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Address23 Geroev Desantnikov str, Novorossiysk, 353913, Russian Federation
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“Marine unity” is a part of the big international group of companies “Fairway Marine Group” (FMG) and is responsible for crew management service for a number of shipowners and ship operators of the world.

Our main office is located in the city of Novorossiysk, which is the largest trade port of Russia. Admiral Ushakov Maritime university , located in Novorossiysk, has trained more than 20 000 specialists for the time of its existence. All these facts make our city to be the concentration of marine resources of the country. Working and developing in this direction since 2006, we collected a wide base, which consists of 14,000 sea workers of various ranks, having experience on a different types of vessel.

Today we have experience and opportunity to complete full crews on vessels of all the types: tankers (oil, chemical, product and Liquefied Gas), dry-cargo , refrigerator, container, bulker and OBO. All our sea specialists have passed all the training and have the complete list of the necessary documents and certificates in compliance with the International Convention. They have passed physical examination and have been tested and confirmed to be free of using the drugs and alcohol drinks.

Accurately realizing a role and responsibility of each crew member who is onboard, for life and health of full crew, safety of transported freight, technical condition of a vessel and purity of environment, we fully realize the responsibility in selection and completing the crew therefore each specialist, from the support to the management level , passes some stages to confirm his competence and skill level for the declared position.

The first stage is online English Marlin tests to recognize the level of English knowledge. Seagull online programs for checking the professional skills of the applicant. This tests taking online allow find out all the omissions and to work on them in the second stage – interview. Work with each candidate is carried out by our technician of navigation and mechanical division, their more than 25 years experience in a position of the captain and chief engineer on a heavy-tonnage vessels allows them to carry out a full inspection of professional skills and knowledge of any candidate.

Our task is to provide each sea specialist with worthy working conditions, a high salary, stable work and good prospect for the career growth. For all years of our activity we realize the leading role in providing reliable crew members for our clients, making all the necessary arrangements for successful embarkation. But, not less important task for us to provide each crew member with a salary and security for tranquility of his family, stability and permanence of the employment, so – confidence in a future day.

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