MCCL- Mediterranean Car Carriers Line

Nov 1, 2017 | | Say something
AddressAkti Miaouli & 1 Skouze Street Piraeus 185 35, Greece
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About MCCL- Mediterranean Car Carriers Line

MCCL is exclusively specialized in the sea transportation of vehicles and rolling materials. Sea Transportation is performed by owned and chartered vessels of pure car-carrier and Ro-Ro types.

MCCL is a Shipping Company which was founded in 1995 by George Kavvadas.

Owner’s eagerness to support his innovative ideas and high level projects, enhanced by his theoretical background and long experience in the field, resulted to which was expanded through the personal relationships that were built with its customers, being a very effective, flexible and therefore mostly preferred and pioneer in its field, shipping company.

Over the years the company’s good image has been strengthened and promoted through the efficient and flexible service, which has been provided to the customers, the effective solutions and the personal interfering of the founder himself in the customer service.

MCCL has set industry-approved quality standards in cargo handling, which were enriched by the customers’ specific and upgraded cargo handling requirements, whilst great efforts were made to eliminate any weaknesses and self-improve.

Being a customer oriented company, mission and continuous efforts over the years, has always been to fulfill the customers’ needs, on time, without delays and delivery of cargo, free of any damage.
The Company is exclusively specialized in the sea transportation of vehicles and rolling materials whilst the sea Transportation is performed by pure car-carrier and Ro-Ro, owned and chartered vessels. The transportation service is mainly ranged in the Mediterranean and Black Sea ports, using Piraeus and Koper ports as the main vehicles transshipment centers of the Mediterranean Sea, for the cargo which is thereafter distributed to their final destination.

Customers’ special requests for a full transportation service are always processed and efficient solutions are suggested in order to satisfy them.On the top of that, Cargo care is performed always according to the latest instructions of our customers, which are incorporated in company’s policy and therefore are strictly followed and is just one of the reasons why, our customers feel confident of the expected service and select amongst the high competition.

Company’s headquarters are located in the center of the Piraeus Shipping district, at Akti Miaouli street, where the heart of Greek Shipping Community beats.
Considering that Vehicle transportation, being a part of the Logistic chain, is a teamwork, involving all organization members on board and ashore, all personnel involved are trained and contribute to the maintenance of our high quality and continuously improved service.

MCCL through the continuous efforts towards efficiency improvement in vehicle transportation services, as well as through the maintenance of a “damage-free transportation” service on board fleet vessels, have given our customers the confidence to select our company amongst the high competition.

Our Organization transports on a yearly basis, thousands of vehicles and hundreds of rolling cargo (trucks/buses etc.) in Mediterranean and Black Sea ports. Vehicles’ origin that are transported on board our fleet, differs, and given that Piraeus port is one of the main vehicles’ transshipment center of the Mediterranean Sea, cargo is thereafter distributed to their final destination.

Our customers are major car – manufacturing companies with high, strict and specific transportation and quality standards ,trusting us for many years with their preference, and appreciate our company’s culture which is totally focused in customer satisfaction.

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