Middle East Oil and Gas

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About Middle East Oil and Gas

Established in 2007 to provide recruitment services for the Oil & Gas field. We have done many successful projects locally and globally. Focusing on the field of Offshore Construction, and its related services including but not limited to marine, survey and subsea “diving, ROV”. We are doing our work in professional way, as we know the client concerns and requirements. Effectively we can participate in any campaign with immediate response to any quires and under any circumstances.

We give big attention to both, the client and candidate, having the experience how overcome any difficulties during the recruitment process within the time frame, budget and schedule.


We provide recruitment services to the Offshore Construction Filed, and its related services, such as Marine, Survey & Diving.Below is the categories of personnel we can provide. We have globally network. We provided personnel from all over the world.

Offshore Crew:

Barge Superintendent, Barge Foreman, Deck Foreman, Anchor Foreman, Control Tower Operator, Tentioner Machine Operator/Technician, Hookup Supervisor, Welding Supervisor, Welding Foreman, Welding Charge hand, Welders, Fabrication Supervisor, Fabrication Foreman, Fabricator, Fitter…

Marine Crew:

We can provide marine crew related to the offshore construction filed such as AHT, AHTS, PSV, DSV,ROV,  MPSV, DLS, DLB, Jack Up, Heavy Lift, etc. including both DP and None-DP. Master, Chief Officer, 2nd Officer, 3rd Officer, Chief Engineer, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, Oiler, OS, Electrical Engineer etc.

Subsea & Survey:

We can provide all related personnel in the above title, including but not limited to: full diving team and related professions, such as Diving Superintendent, Diving Supervisor, Lead Diver, DMT, Inspection Diver, Sat Diver, Diving Tech-Mech/Elec, LSS, LST, etc.  ROV Supervisor, ROV Pilot/Tech. Survey Engineer, Party Chief, Surveyor, Data Processor, Geophysicist.

Offshore Engineering & Management:

We can provide the all related engineering topics of the offshore field starting form field engineer ending to the engineering manager through project, installation, design, etc.