Nordic Offshore Marine

May 6, 2015 | | 2 comments
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About Nordic Offshore Marine

Nordic Offshore Marine specializes in providing qualified and experienced offshore personnel, project management as well as complete project solutions to leading international maritime and offshore companies.

We have a long track record in the submarine cable industry,  the offshore windfarm industry and the oil and gas industry.

2 Responses

  1. Good day!

    My name is Sergejs Prohorovs and I am looking for a job(bosun-crane operator).

    My Crane Operator experience is 15 years. I was working on DSV,HLV,DPCLV, FPSO, offshore fleet.

    During this time I was working in UK, Denmark,Netherlands,Norway,Germany, Equatorial Guinea,Nigeria,Angola(Cabinda)

    with mixed crew(Norwegian,Polish,Germany,UK,USA and local crew).

    Subsea operation on depth 1200 meters.

    Personnel transfer/manriding operations (89 hours)

    Heavy lift and heavy lift from seabed operations

    I have:

    Offshore crane operator certificate stage 3(UK BS 7121)& API RP 2D (Sparrow)

    Inspection of Lifting Equipment (Lloids British Training Services);

    Helideck assistant certificate;



    Basic safety training;

    Bosun certificate;

    Rescue boat;

    Advanced fire-fighting certificate;

    Fast rescue boat certificate;


    Basic scaffolding certificate;

    Seagull certificate of competence-safety officer (SO)

    American visa(B1/B2 OCS)

    Sincerely Yours

    Sergejs Prohorovs.+371 29733575 or e-mail

  2. Hi all,
    Looking for job as Hydrographic Surveyor, 10 years experience
    pipelaying, cables, dredging, MBE, SBE.
    Simarad, reason, trimble etc.
    Hyrack, Qinsy, Hydro etc.
    pls send your offers to

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