Novikontas Group

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Address Taikos 81A str. Klaipeda, Lithuania LT-94114
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About Novikontas Group

a group of companies specialized in maritime business since 1995,renamed in 2003. It is set up to provide different services in wide sectors of business field from recruiting, training personnel for client’s demands to ship/equipments supplying .

Our main office established in Klaipeda, seaport of Lithuania, other branches located in Kaliningrad(Russia) and Riga( Latvia).


“Novikontas SCM” JSC, “RSB Novikontas” JSC, “Jurininku treniruociu centras” (Maritime Training Center), “Novikontas TSS” JSC, “Aistmare” JSC —located in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

SIA “Novikontas”, SIA “Novikontas Connect”,” Novikontas” Maritime College— located in Riga, Latvia.

“Novikontas-Kaliningrad”JSC, “RSB Kaliningrad” JSC and “RC Marsat Zapad” JSC — located in Kaliningrad, Russia.

NOVIKONTAS GROUP main activities are:

  • Crewing and posting which includes selecting, recruiting, employing, managing and developing human resources from East Europe and GIS countries according to specific needs of Clients.
  • Marine training ( according STCW);
  • Consulting service
  • Sale, installation, service and radio survey of all types marine electronics equipments;
  • Ship supplying;
  • Logistics and cargo expedition;
  • Consultancy on implementation ISO-9001, ISM Code and ISPS Code.

Careers & Jobs

2nd engineer / 3rd engineer / Chief officer / Offshore / Tugboat...
Barge / Deck officer / Offshore...

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