Odessa Crewing Agency

May 11, 2016 | | Say something
AddressPushkins'ka St, 55 Odessa Odessa Oblast Ukraine
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About Odessa Crewing Agency

We, the Company OCA (Odessa Crewing Agency) are working at the market of marine transport. Our Company provides high-quality unique services, sincere long-term partner relations, which allow shipowners to get the best at the market skilled, healthy specialists. To seafarers in short period of time we can offer contracts with high salary and the guaranteed career development.

We are interested in the stable increasing of the planned income of our partners.

To the employees of the company OCA (Odessa Crewing Agency) gives the opportunity to realize yourself as a personality and as a professional, constantly developing to get a worthy payment of the creative interesting labour.

Company OCA (Odessa Crewing Agency) gives to the society the happy wealthy citizens who help to develop the economy of Ukraine.

Careers & Jobs

2nd engineer / 3rd engineer / Able seaman / Bosun / Bulk carrier / Chief engineer / Chief officer / ...

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