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Address4, Shepkina Str. Odessa, Ukraine, 65023
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About Ocean Link

Ocean Link Ltd. was established in 1999. It is a private company with two co-owners.

Since the company’s foundation and up to now, our core business remains a recruitment of seafarers from former Soviet states for vessels managed or owned by our clients.

As the majority of our colleagues in “Ukrainian crewing market”, we began early years of our company with basic crew agent services for a variety of Greek and Cyprus clients.

Later, in the beginning of 2000s, we re-forwarded our efforts to the group of German shipowners and for several years have been providing crewmanagement for 15 dry cargo vessels operated by Ukrainian crew on permanent basis.

2003 was marked with our first serious “offshore recruitment” experience, when together with our Dutch partners we have signed a 10-year crewmanagement contract for a huge catamaran-type offshore crane vessel manned by Ukrainians.

Further formation of our “offshore activity segment” passed through experience of several subcontracts of marine personnel provision for different offshore vessels and projects, mostly for our USA and Dutch clients.

At the same time in the mid of 2000s, we have found our path in the market of Dutch captain-owners. Single officers and single engineers who are able to act alone and are profiled to sail on Dutch flag dry cargo vessels, still remain our knowhow in “merchant fleet section”.

in 2005 we became a sole crew provider of Ukrainian officers for Wagenborg Shipping BV – our main client today.

Successful cooperation with Wagenborg over the past decade, has consolidated our “Dutch shipping” profile that we aim to develop further on.

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