Olive Crew Management LTD

Jan 18, 2018 | | Say something
Address13A, Voenny spusk, office 11, Odessa 65082, Ukraine
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About Olive Crew Management LTD

Located in Odessa and having access to one of the largest crew markets we offer:

  • End-user approach in all stagesfrom selection, pre-employment, employment and post-employment
  • Dedication to Owners needs with hands-on boutique type service
  • Competitive salaries
  • We understand core values of good seafarers as:

High qualification and top skills

  • Strong health
  • Loyalty to employer
  • Stable working record

As a routine we do:

  • strict and objective selection of seamen;
  • checksconformity of declared sea service/experience to real one;
  • interview with Port Captain and Technical Superintendentof Olive Shipmanagement , Athens;
  • professional knowledge assessments;
  • comprehensive medical examination at reputable medicalcenters;
  • psychological tests and attentive conversation;
  • authentication of seafarers’ documents through Ukrainian Ministry ofTransport;
  • check English level in accordance with the position.

We are glad to supply your vessels with Professional, Healthy and Strong character Seamen.

Careers & Jobs

Bulk carrier / Chief engineer...
2nd engineer / Bulk carrier...
Bosun / Bulk carrier...
Bulk carrier / Catering staff...
Bulk carrier / Chief engineer / Merchant navy...

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