Polar Marine Geosurvey Expedition (PMGE)

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Address24, Pobedy str., St.-Petersburg – Lomonosov, 198412, Russia
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About Polar Marine Geosurvey Expedition (PMGE)

PMGE: General Information.

State Enterprise “Polar Marine Geosurvey Expedition” (PMGE) was founded in 1962.
The sphere of activities includes complex geological and geophysical researches in the Arctic (on shelves and islands of Arctic seas), in the World Ocean, in the Antarctica, in inner reservoirs, and the environment monitoring, using different methods.
The total number of employees is 280 people, including 115 members of the vessels’ crews.
PMGE carries out searches for different types of minerals and raw materials, as well as sunken objects, on continental shelves and abyssal zones of the World Ocean. The undertaking of marine seismic investigations is the one of the main activities. Also PMGE is involved in various engineering-geological and ecological projects, and different research on request by Russian and foreign organizations.
PMGE has discovered and studied deposits of polymetals, gold, and tin in the Arctic, as well as complex polymetallic gold-and silver-containing ores and fields of Fe-Mn concretions in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The extensive materials were received for answer on the fundamental questions in the field of Earth sciences.
PMGE is the owner of specially equipped research vessels PROFESSOR LOGACHEV and AKADEMIK A. KARPINSKY, with big cruise autonomy. The vessels are based in Saint-Petersburg.
PMGE has onboard and coastal computer centers which are equipped with modern facilities for acquisition, processing and mapping of information, including seismic processing system PROMAX-2D.
PMGE has its own camps on archipelagoe Svalbard and in the Antarctic (“Progress”, “Druzhnaya-4”, “Sojuz” stations).
The Expedition has a large collection of samples on all the regions of activities. The chief office is situated in the suburb of St.-Petersburg, Lomonosov.