Poulsen Shipping A/S

Nov 8, 2015 | | Say something
AddressP.O.Box 34, DK-4220 Korsør, DENMARK
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About Poulsen Shipping A/S

Throughout the years J. Poulsen shipping has strived to provide our customers with the most reliable and competitive services. Take a brief tour through some of our previous projects.
Everything can be shipped – it’s just a question of will. This attitude has characterised
J. Poulsen Shipping’s business ethics through four generations, and it continues to serve as a guideline in our daily activities. We work passionately to find new transport solutions, which can safely, quickly and cost effectively transport your cargo around the world.
Impossible is just a challenge
At J. Poulsen Shipping you find a group of competent and dynamic employees who, throughout the various departments, work from the assumption that nothing is too big or too small to be handled. However, certain cargoes can demand a bit more of the parties involved. Our endless curiosity together with our ability to think “outside the box” has resulted in many years of experience shipping cargoes which other carriers find difficult to handle – for example fully erected harbour cranes, IMO & INF cargo, petrochemical equipment, catamarans and even Viking ships.

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