Profyship Management

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About Profyship Management

PROFYSHIP MANAGEMENT is a company, which provides the full or part-time ship management and also associate complex of technical services.

Corporate employees are generally experienced Masters and Chief Engineers with rich long service on board of different vessel’s types and with practical experience of work ashore.

Structure of the company:

  • Freight – operation department (provides the commercial management).
  • Technical department (provides the technical management).
  • Marketing department.
  • Financial department.
  • Crewing department.

Commercial management:

  • Best available employment for any particular vessel taking into account her specific characteristics and limitations.
  • Professional conclusion of all kinds of shipping contracts (CP, COA, TC, MOA), which are always to be subject to Owners approval prior finalizing.
  • Instructing the vessel’s Master and further supporting in all commercial aspects related to the terms and conditions of governed contract.
  • Daily monitoring vessel’s movements using AIS tracking, as well as supporting Master with weather forecasts and office suggestions, making voyage quick and safe as much as possible.
  • Nomination on Owner’s behalf of port agents, settling and minimizing D/As.
  • Assisting to Owners with bunker supply in choice of reliable and cheapest supplier.
  • Full post-fixing (including Demurrage / Dispatch calculations, invoicing and accounts tracking).
  • Detailed report upon completion of each voyage, in electronic or hard copy format (Projected TCE in compare with actual TCE), analyse of delays and time lost due to technical and operational issues, related recommendations to the Owner for improvement of performance.

    Technical management:

  • Cooperation with different flag administrations and classification societies.
  • Arrangement of vessel’s insurance coverage (P&I and H&M) by first class insurers.
  • Organization and monitoring of appropriate technical maintenance and ship’s exploitation including all types of scheduled and unplanned services, dock and nautical repair, preparing vessel in all technical aspects in accordance with particular tasks for providing maximum efficient commercial vessel’s operation.
  • Monitoring and recording of fuels and lubricants usage. Optimization of fuels and lubricants usage. Selection of optimal, i.e. with best combination price-quality, petroleum products.
  • Arrangement of technical supply in accordance with approved Running-Cost table, implementation of monitoring system which enables control of all delivered on board and used supplies (like provision, spares, paints, etc).
  • Supply of the ship with full set of service documentation in accordance to requirements.
  • Detailed running cost reports are prepared to ensure that owners are kept fully informed of the financial position, and regular meetings are held with owners to discuss both the technical and financial aspects of the vessel performance.
  • Close co-operation with crew in regards to ship’s operation.
  • Interview with applicants, ascertainment of their qualification level.

    ISM and ISPS:

  • The arrangement of security system control on board as it is required by international conventions.
  • Our company is DOC (document of compliance) owner from St. Vincent and Grenadines and Belize. Certified as manager by GL.


  • Optimization of the manning in accordance with the ship’s tasks.
  • Recommendations to ship owner on the most efficient and effective seafarer’s wage scale.
  • Ship’s manning with qualified crew.
  • Arrangement of scheduled and unplanned crew changes in according with the terms and conditions of contracts.
  • Providing of crew members with required documents from the Flag Administrations. Should be said that for the most efficient operation with shipboard personnel we have our own crewing department.

    Marketing Department:

  • Complex Ship’s Sale & Purchase services.
  • Monitoring and S&P market analysis.
  • Non-stop informing of the Owner in respect of S&P market development, for taking in time decision regarding exiting or entering (expanding) into ship-owning business.

    Financial Department:

  • Work with financial documentation.
  • Payment of disbursements and other invoices.
  • Calculation of crew members’ wages.
  • Preparation of balance and other financial statements for ship owners, etc.

Careers & Jobs

Chief engineer / Chief officer / Gas tanker...