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Address70/17 Lenina ave, Mykolaiv, 54017 Ukraine
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About Pulsar-Service

Marine agency “Pulsar-service” was founded and registered in Nikolaev city, in south of Ukraine. We are absolutely authorized company and we act according to documentation registered on 12.01.2010 and legalized by Ministry of labor and Social protection of Ukraine under No. 487508.
Our agency specializes in selection, teaching and creating crews with various marine trades specialists. We have license of Ministry of labor and Social protection of Ukraine for providing such kind of activity.
The large database of high qualified specialists is at Your service. Our applicants have a big working experience on different types and groups of vessels under flags of foreign countries. All essential certificates are according to International agreement STCW 1978\95 and requirements ICM Code.
Also our applicants have necessary English level according to ICM Code.
We confirm with all responsibility our readiness to discharge requests of foreign shipowners in crews formation and discharging of ship repair works. We look forward to your agreement concerning to a long and profitable cooperation with our agency.

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