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AddressNarzędziowa 43 70-807 Szczecin Poland
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The R.E.S. Group started their business in 1988 and was founded by the present Managing Director Mr. Erwin Strahlmann. Starting with the commercial management of a few coaster vessels, the R.E.S. Group quickly grew over the following 25 years and is now offering the whole range of Management services for the Maritime Business.

The Group takes care of: Shipmanagement, Crewing, Shipyard Services, Chartering and Logistics, Technical Management, Ship supply etc.

Today the company is based at 3 different locations: Brunsbuttel – Szczecin – Hamburg

Together in the 3 Offices, our employees (abt. 120 in total) are handling more than 50 vessels, of which 95 % are privately owned by the management of the R.E.S. Group.

More then 600 seafarers are sailing on our ships and are currently responsible for the handling of the works occurring on board. Together the shore crew and the seafarers are forming the best possible team for a smooth procedure.

The whole R.E.S. Group is family owned and is not connected to any issuing houses, which leads to a nearly unique position in the market and a strong partnership with the various partners the R.E.S. Group is working with.

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