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AddressMurmansk-17 Murmansk, Russia
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About Rosatomflot

Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Atomflot» is established to provide technological service and maintenance of nuclear-powered icebreakers and special fleet. In 2008 FSUE Atomflot joined State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom according to the Order of the President of Russian Federation. On August 28, 2008 the management of atomic icebreaking fleet was transferred to FSUE Atomflot, thus creating a unified icebreaking and maintenance complex of civil atomic fleet of Russia.

Sov. Souz and helicopter FSUE Atomflot provides the following services:

  • Ice pilotage of vessels on the Northern Sea Route (NSR) and to the freezing ports of Russia;
  • Container shipping by atomic lighter Sevmorput;
  • Support of expeditionary, scientific and research works aimed at studying hydro-meteorological conditions of seas and mineral and ore resources of the Arctic shelf adjacent to the northern coast of Russia;
  • Emergency and rescue ice operations on the Northern Sea Route and freezing seas;
  • Tourist voyages to the North Pole, islands and archipelagoes of the Central Arctic;
  • Common and special technical maintenance and repair works of the atomic fleet;
  • Handling of nuclear materials and radioactive wastes.

The acting fleet includes four atomic icebreakers with two nuclear reactors 75 thousand horse power strong – i/b “Rossiya”, i/b “Sovetsky Soyuz”, i/b “Yamal”, i/b “50 Let Pobedy”, two atomic icebreakers with a single reactor power plant 40 thousand horse power strong – i/b “Taymir” and i/b “Vaygach” and atomic lighter “Sevmorput”. Atomic icebreaking fleet has been providing regular shipping of Russian and foreign cargoes along the Northern Sea Route since 1959. The maintenance fleet includes two floating technical bases – “Lotta” and “Imandra”, mv “Serebryanka” for shipping liquid radioactive wastes, vessel of dosimetric control “Rosta-1”. Three nuclear icebreakers – i/b “Lenin” and i/b “Sibir” , i/b “Arktika”– and two floating technical bases – ftb “Lepse” and ftb “Volodarsky” – are out of commission.

atomic lighter Sevmorput Maintenance and repairs to the atomic icebreaking fleet are provided by the coastal industrial facilities of FSUE Atomflot. Before joining State Corporation Rosatom the enterprise was part of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and had a status of repair and maintenance base. Early in the 1960s it was a post-production base for the Admiralty Shipyards and served the needs of the first atomic icebreaker “Lenin”. Till 1988 the enterprise was a structural part of Murmansk Shipping Company and was called “Base-92” (92 is the uranium number in the periodic table). FSUE “Atomflot” is located two kilometers north of Murmansk and occupies the area of 17,2 hectares. The site was partly built by dumping hard rock into the Kola Bay during the construction in 1970-80s. The project of “Soyuzmorniiproekt” (Moscow) was used to construct the present buildings and facilities.

Icebreaker FSUE “Atomflot” has the full spectrum of industrial means necessary for complex repairs (workshop area exceeds 12 500 sq. m.) and vessel maintenance (mooring line is 1 000 m long). The company has railways that can position up to 40 carriages along the mooring line at once. 100-tons lifting capacity portal crane “KONE” is used for cargo operations. The crane’s controllable lifting speed varies from 0,6 m/min to 6 m/min, maximum boom outreach is 66 m with the lifting capacity up to 16 tons.

The company has successfully carried out a number of international projects aimed at enhancing physical protection system of atomic vessels and coastal facilities, increasing the nuclear and radiation safety level when handling radioactive wastes and spent nuclear fuel.

The projects “Site for the temporary storage of containers with spent nuclear fuel of military fleet ships” and “Automated system of monitoring the site for the temporary storage of containers with spent nuclear fuel of military fleet ships at FSUE “Atomflot” were realized as part of the international cooperation with the governments of Norway and USA. Another project done at FSUE “Atomflot” is the “Reconstruction of the container-type depository for the long-term (up to 50 years) storage of unreclaimable nuclear fuel of atomic icebreakers”. The enterprise’s physical protection system is up-to-date and meets all international requirements in the sphere of nuclear material protection. FSUE “Atomflot” works in close cooperation with IAEA on the matters of radiation background monitoring.