Rousing A/S, Rederiet C

Nov 8, 2015 | | Say something
AddressMøllevangsvej 79,, DK-3300 Frederiksværk, DENMARK
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About Rousing A/S, Rederiet C

Maritime Supply ApS performs technical management of owned vessels and other shipping lines.

Our many years of experience both in terms of technical ship design and equipment, but also the laws and regulations which ships have to operate and means that we can guarantee optimum operation without interruptions in the form of “offhire” days and other delays.

We continuously monitor the ships and advisor in close cooperation with the ships’ owners and crews, so that the ships operated economically and technically feasible, why they always meet requirements from authorities, classification societies, etc.

Maritime Supply ApS have also good contact with shipyards and repair companies in Denmark and Poland, as well as most of Northern Europe, and therefore can plan repairs, class surveys, etc. financially advantageous. We are involved throughout the process, from the planning of the shipyards, repair, monitoring the performance of these, and to subsequent review and approval of invoices

Maritime Supply ApS is owned by Carsten Rousing and is the unifying firm about the various activities and undertakings of C. Rousing, which has been operational in the Danish shipping industry since 1979.

In addition to the Danish activities, today we have built a stabile procurement net , inter alia, Poland, where we through our Polish subsidiary Zaopatrzenie Morskie Sp. Z oo, which also houses our Crewing department, purchasing supplies and stores to ships.

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