Rudolf Jönsson

Feb 3, 2016 | | Say something
AddressBråddgatan 7 602 22 Norrköping
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About Rudolf Jönsson

Rudolf Jönsson was not only a genuine entrepreneur but a true visionary as well. As one of three sons in a shipbroking family, he set up his own shipbrokers, Rudolf Jönsson & Co, in Norrköping, Sweden, in 1933.

This entrepreneurial spirit and visionary thinking has followed the company down the years. Operations have consistently been expanded to extend the range of services on offer. Jönsson Novabolagen is today a complete logistics company with efficient goods handling from door to door.

EFFECTIVE – Excellent control over the entire logistics chain produces fast and effective solutions.

An organization that combines the strength of its own resources for sea and land transport, the flexibility of independent shipping and high competence in our customers’ fields makes Jönsson Nova Logistics a supplier of logistics services with increased value for our customers. We work fast and effectively. A well functioning network of contacts and scale advantages in handling contributes further to our effectiveness.

RELIABLE – Our own resources and long experience enables us to supply logistics services with high reliability.

At Jönsson Nova Logistics we have long experience in customer tailored transport solutions and international shipping and forwarding. With that experience backing us up and by focusing on quality and good information handling we create secure logistics solutions. With our own extensive resources we are also able to offer our customers guaranteed capacity.

SIMPLE – One contact and one solution. That’s how we make things simple for our customers.

As a customer of Jönsson Nova Logistics you will receive a personal contact – one of our dedicated members of staff, who together with you will go through the conditions for the assignments and who then on the basis of your demands and wishes will produce the best solution for the entire process.

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