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AddressBirutes g. 20/ Leliju g. 19 Klaipeda, Lithuania
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“SAILINGA” was established as crewing company in Klaipeda, Lithuania (Baltic Sea) in August 1998. Being flexible and experienced in daily work with the Clients worldwide, and being anxious for further success in our business, we can meet nearly all demands of our potential Client, what consequently, makes us justifiably proud of our reputation as a consistently dependable source of quality individuals to the marine sector. We hope you will also see that our organized teamwork ensures a harmonious working environment both at sea and ashore, which in turn leads to a far superior service in limited time frames to our valued Clients.

Further to the above, “SAILINGA” crewing company is fully licensed by Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration; certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard in respect of recruitment of professional marine personnel and also obtained Certificate of being in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 1.4 of the International Labour Organization Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

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