SapuraKencana Petroleum

Dec 11, 2015 | | 1 comment
AddressLevel 6, Menara SapuraKencana Petroleum Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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About SapuraKencana Petroleum

SapuraKencana Petroleum Berhad (“SapuraKencana” or “Group”) is a leading global integrated oil and gas services and solutions provider operating across the entire upstream value chain. As a full- fledged upstream player, the Group’s spectrum of capabilities cover the exploration, development, production, rejuvenation, as well as decommissioning and abandonment stages of the value chain.

With a highly skilled and technically capable multinational workforce comprising over 13,000 people, strategic world-class assets, and strong project management capabilities, the Group today has a global presence in over 20 countries.

As of 8 January 2015, the Group restructured two of its divisions to form “Engineering and Construction – Malaysia” and “Engineering and Construction – International”, incorporating elements from the former “Fabrication, Hook-up and Commissioning” and “Offshore Construction and Subsea Services” divisions. The Energy and Drilling divisions will continue to operate as usual.

SapuraKencana made the prestigious Forbes Asia’s Fabulous 50 listing for the second successive year, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in all aspects of its business. SapuraKencana was also voted Asia’s Overall best managed company in Natural Resources for 2014 in a poll conducted by the international financial publication, Finance Asia.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the best entrepreneurially led, technically competent and most trusted global oil and gas company in the eyes of our customers, shareholders and most importantly, our empowered people.

We will be guided by our honesty, trust and respect for all. We will achieve our business objectives by being safe, agile and professional to continuously strive to meet all of our stakeholders’ expectations.

– The People of SapuraKencana Petroleum

One Response

  1. Dear Sir

    Good morning, here with Jamaluddin Sereh from Indonesia holding COC engineer class 2 with DP Maintenance certificate.Interest join to your best company as second engineer. I have 7 years offshore experience If any change for me please  call on my Mobile: +62-81394634896  

    Also can read about my sea service experienced: 
    – 17-11-1998/20-12-1999 as a cadet onboard LPG engine Shinho SHIPPING Korean company
    -06-02-2001/12-02-2002 work on the tanker as3rd engineer company GOLDEN ISLAND Singapore 
    -26-03-2002/13-08-2002 work on tanker as 2nd engineer  at company Megaport Singapore
    -23-032003/01-08-2003 work on towing tug as C/E trading area Indonesia company BARWIL JAYA
    -13-11-2003/01-06-2004 work on supply AHT as 2nd engineer company QATAR SHIPPING for assist SBM 
    -23-02-2005/20-09-2005 work on Harbour tug as C/E company QATAR SHIPPING
    -29-12-2005/08-05-2006 work on Supply vessel as 2nd engineer company TROPICAL SHIPPING singapore,working area Shell oil field Malaysia 
    -04-092006/25-10-2006 work on workboat PLATFORM maintenance for diving company SARKU MARINE malaysia
    -(04-11-2006/15-02-2007) Sarku Marine

    (25-03-2007/ 04-08-2007) Sarku Marine 
    (22-09-2007/07-11-2007) Sarku Marine
    (30-01-2008/21-04-2008) Sarku Marine
    (20-06-2008/01-08-2008) Sarku Marine
    work on DP-2 PLATFORM maintenance as 2nd engineer for ROV and AIR DIVING,location SHEEL and PETRONAS oil field company SARKU MARINE Malaysia.
    -21-07-2009/27-02-2010 work on AHT vessel as 2nd engineer company SEACOR MARINE  at location YADANA GAS FIELD Myanmar 
    job anchorhandling.
    -13-03-2010/02-09-2010 work on Supply running cargo as 2nd engineer company SEACOR MARINE, Location Al-shaheen oil field Qatar 
    -23-12-2010/13-05-2011 work on AHT vessel as 2nd engineer, towing Barge to Calcuta India and continues anchor handling job.
    Company AN-DO-FE shipping Italian
    -19-07-2011/21-08-2011 work on DP-2 workboat Platform Maintence as 2nd engineer for DIVING and ROV job, Company Offshore Work Indonesia location area NATUNA indonesia.
    -27-12-2011/10-05-2012 work on ship General cargo as 2nd engineer, Company OCEAN SHIPPING Australia.
    -16-10-2012/07-06-2013 work on AHT vessel as 2nd engineer company SEACOR MARINE, Location area Yadana gas field Myanmar.
    -19-09-2013/15-03-2014 work on AHT vessel as 2nd engineer company SEACOR MARINE, Location area Yadana gas field Myanmar.
    -13-08-2014/16-12-2014 work on FSV vessel as 2nd engineer company SEACOR MARINE, Location area Yadana gas field Myanmar.
    -01-05-2015/14-09-2015 work on DP-1  FSV vessel as 2nd engineer company SEACOR MARINE, Location area Saudi ARAMCO.

    Please find attachment CV. For your info  I holding DP MAINTENANCE certificate and Petronas card included  PETRONAS medical.

    Thank a lot for your attention 

    Best regards

    Jamaluddin sereh

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