Sarwamangla Marine Academy Pvt. Ltd.

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Address206, New Market, (opp. to SBI). Bank More , Dhanbad-826001
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About Sarwamangla Marine Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Sarwamangla Marine Academy Pvt. Ltd. has been providing Crew Management, Ship Management, Commercial Management & Additional Services across the globe.
With over 180 seafarers onboard at any given time, Sarwamangla Marine Academy Pvt. Ltd. maintains one of the largest pools of highly quali?ed, motivated and dedicated seafarers who are equipped to meet the demanding requirements of their roles and fully supported by 32 shore based personnel.
Our wholly-owned network of 2 Crew Service Centres around the world allows us to maintain close contact with seafarers and manage the recruitment and manning process as ef?ciently as possible.
We use stringent search and selection methods to ensure that our employees not only have the required professional qualifications, but also the required personality and language skills. In addition, we are fully committed to the professional development and education of all staff.
Structured training and development programmes ensure that crew skills and knowledge are continuously updated in line with changing legislation and industry demands.
Sarwamangla Marine Academy Pvt. Ltd. is constantly investing in upgrading and expanding its training facilities. This approach combined with? our network of Crew Service Centres and Marine Training Centres in several major seafaring countries, give us a real competitive edge in the market.

SAFETY : Safety is our prime focus always and our first priority is to ensure all operations are conducted in a safe and secure manner without any injuries, loss of life, and damage to property or the environment.

HUMAN RESOURCES : To be valued both by the clients and employed staff.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION : To meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Teamwork is our strength, and Quality Our Tradition. Our success is directly derived from the continued success of our Clients. We are dedicated to always delivering on our promise to be the results driven partner that our Clients expect.

SERVICE COVERAGE : To provide excellent value added services globally for all our customer’s needs.

FINANCIAL: To continuously improve our results in a sustainable manner.

Vision : To be a leader in quality Ship management by providing completely reliable, dependable and consistent quality services on time to our clients so as to achieve their satisfaction.

Mission: To provide expertise which is our core competence through upgrading of skills and knowledge in order to meet rising expectations and needs of customers in competitive Marine Industry. To assist responsible and demanding customers achieve their business objectives through our professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm and responsiveness.

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