Scanmar Maritime Services

Jul 5, 2015 | | 1 comment
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About Scanmar Maritime Services

Who are we: “Probably The Best Crew Provider In The Philippines”

The first thing you should know about us is our commitment to you. We are service oriented Crewing Specialists, dedicated to offering each Principal our full attention and the highest level of expertise.
Scanmar has become one of the larger manning agents in the Philippines. Its reputation for integrity and providing quality has been a major factor in its continuous growth.
An effective management system is in placed to secure its high level of service.

What do we do…

Scanmar presently provides over 3500 crewmembers for more than 250 vessels including a large number with a full Filipino complement; from Master down to the lowest rank.

We man the following types of ships: bulk, container, general cargo, passenger, reefer, ro-ro, chemical, product & oil tankers plus various types of off-shore vessels such as dive support, platform support, survey, seismic multi-purpose supply, cable lay, cable repair and pipe-lay units.

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