SEA-PERFEKT shipping

Dec 23, 2016 | | Say something
AddressKruczkowskiego Gdansk, Morena, Poland
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About SEA-PERFEKT shipping

Agency SEA-PERFEKT shipping-chartering & ship &broker working on the shipping markiet for many years.The Agency its very famous on the Far East region and Europe, because mostly working on the region.My Agency when signature contract for carrying cargo mostly general cargo and small tanker its common responsibility for the cargo as well as Owner till the vessel completlly discharging the cargo and all ships documents are completly signed by all responsibility parts.

– Second interesting jobs its Suppliers spare parts for mostly all kinds of vessels. My Agency very close cooperation with one Company NANIA MARINE from INDIA and our cooperation its very very good all spare parts are delivered very fast without any problem. Our Agency suppliers spare parts mostly for all the worlds.We offering spare parts brand new with manufactur guarantee and used also very good with one year guarantee.

– Our Agency also provided ship’s for professionals crew recruiters and working as Maning Agency.At this time each crewmember who will flying to the destination vesselmust be insure and some procedure will be in force when any crewmember will beck to home after finish contract.For the insure he will pay some self.

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