Sea Rise Marine

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AddressPlot No: 22, Acharya Vihar, (343, 344/1432,) Madhusudan Nagar, Bhubaneswar, PIN: 751013, Odisha
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About Sea Rise Marine

Sea Rise Marine Services In principle, the crew member arranged by us is experienced and trained with completed vocational training. The qualification is education ordinance goes by Standards of Training Certifications and Watch keeping (STCW) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) convention. The opeations are fully committed to safety and quality management and work on well defined personnel policy with total commitment to the training & safety.

All Crews are healthy and have long years of working experience with valid STCW’10 Certificates to meet the requirements of the vessels complaints around the world as per ISM-CODE and IMO Standards.

We recruit highly qualified & experienced seafarers of all ranks with IMO & STCW’10, as well as relevant courses required for sea going personnel. We are providing all sorts of candidates to all major and leading shipping companies all over the world. We are in list of crew member and staff (including officer) providers of Foreign shipping companies of international repute with cargo ships, container ships, oil tankers, bulk carriers, Tug, Barges, Etc. We are internationally acclaimed by most of the Indian and International shipping companies. We are striving to maintain a tradition of excellence and pride, and a belief in all that we do. The company has already built warm and solid relationships with numerous ship owners, local and foreign shippers, and receivers. We offer excellent wages commensurate with experience comparable with wages on home and foreign flag vessel, with bright promotion prospects and strong shore base support .we also offer long term carrier prospects with reputed principles.

Sea Rise Marine Services is managed by a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of shipping background and operational expertise to handle the most complex international shipping operations. We take challenges as opportunities. We enjoy working hard and making things happen.

Vision & Mission

  • To provide students/cadets a high quality professional education and training designed to motivate them to achieve their personal, financial and self improvements goals.
  • To be a trust worthy institute to provide the best platform to achieve social status and excellence.
  • To develop competencies of students/cadets with good values to face challenge of the continuously changing world.
  • To ensure that all students are educated, self directed and become productive member of our glorious Society.
  • To make education a rich blend of knowledge, self discipline and personality development.
  • To promote high level of professional education in an environment attentive to the needs of undergraduate and graduate students/cadets.
  • To develop a culture that supports and reinforces ethical, professional behaviour for a competitive and global environment.

Educational Vision

Education inculcates the growth of human beings. There are three aspects of human personality, cognitive, affective and co native. Human knowledge and emotions are reflected in action. Human action is reflected in conduct and behaviour. Knowledge, conduct and emotion cannot be separated as the superstructure of conduct and behaviour resets on the foundation of knowledge and emotion. The education/training imparted by SEA RISE MARINE, a subsidiary of SEA RISE MARINE SERVICES (P). LTD., BHUBANESWAR is four-pronged, covering the four facets of human personality.

These four facets are knowledge, emotion, conduct and physical development. Thus, the aim of SEA RISE MARINEeducation is to maximize the development of body, mind, emotion and conduct. We all agree that literacy has an important role in nation building as well as individual’s all round development But, we at SEA RISE MARINE regard the education of virtues as more important than education of literacy. Education of virtues is value based. The values of the present day Indian Society are equality, liberty, fraternity, secularism, social justice etc. These modern values integrating with the ancient spiritual and social values form the foundation of educations. Our education is thus coordination-oriented. On one hand, is in favor of imparting academic/ theoretical knowledge with practical training education to suite the basic nature of marine sector. On the other hand, it is also in favor of providing training, crew management, personality development, focus on physical well built and other all round development required for the shipping industries. The provision of professional education/training in SEA RISE MARINE is a step in this direction only. For the real success of vocational education/training and the physical labour has to be ingrained in the minds of the learner/cadets respectively at every level of education/training. India is a country of vast sea shore and with full potential and the scope of growth in marine sector and shipping industries. Therefore, SEA RISE MARINE has linked education with proper training, marine education, practical requirement of shipping sector and all round development in the field of Merchant navy.

To sum up, education at SEA RISE MARINE is six faceted: value oriented, Coordination oriented, vocation oriented, life oriented, personality development oriented and business oriented.

“The quality of education/training provided in SEA RISE MARINE is of the highest order and is reflected in the knowledge base, behaviour, values, skills and professionalism of the ratings/cadets”

Educational Mission

The mission of the SEA RISE MARINE a subsidiary of SEA RISE MARINE SERVICES (P) LTD. BHUBANESWAR is to provide latest and relevant theoretical, practical and technical skill required for a vast majority of the people and skilled professionals in shipping industry and marine sector. SEA RISE MARINE has trained large number of aspirants to be skilled workers in marine technology capable of applying latest technologies in their work environment. SEA RISE MARINE SERVICES will actively network among reputed shipping industries worldwide and involve the industry and research establishments of the world over in quickly absorbing the changing trends in maritime technology in the curriculums in the long run. SEA RISE MARINE SERVICES will create leaders in marine/shipping sector and inculcating technological

Careers & Jobs

Cargo ship / Chief officer / Container vessel / Deck officer / Merchant navy / Tanker...
Bulk carrier / Cargo ship / Chemical tanker / General cargo / Merchant navy...